If you ask me what I use most in the kitchen, I would first say “knives” and then “zesters.” Zester is a must-have for the knife cases of any student in a culinary school. Even though I couldn’t understand its functionality at first, I later realized how frequently I use it and why it is a must-have in a kitchen-kit.

This awesome appliance is used for peeling the citrus fruits finely. You can see lime, orange or lemon peel, which I think give flavor to food, in most of my recipes. I use zester to make a difference in a dish’s taste and look.

You can use a grater to peel the skin of citrus fruits. But what makes zester different is that it doesn’t take out the white part of the fruit as it peels. The citrus fruits might give a bitter taste when their white parts are peeled off. So we want to be careful not to do that and make sure we use a zester, which becomes a miraculous kitchen appliance in such cases.

For example, you may want to add a lime or orange zest to a slightly spicy buratta with chili peppers and pink tomatoes for an excellent taste and look!