With love to the underworld,
This letter is for those…

Who try to play the melody in their dreams having no concerns about how many people will click on their music, who continue to share the pictures they want to share, which they know will not receive many “likes” in social media, who pass by the “best-selling” section and visit other shelves in a bookstore,
who accept a friend’s invitation on a weekday that no one knows about instead of going to a weekend party that everyone dies to enter, who insist to go to a one-session movie instead of a “most-watched” movie, who take the pains to read the same news from various websites, who spend their money for someone who has just made his first design instead of a world-famous brand, who buy the artwork of an artist that is not sold in auctions or does not exist in a gallery, who click on the categories they have never tried before instead of the ones suggested by the internet based on their former preferences, who believe that a friend of theirs can achieve something that no one has achieved before, who read the interviews instead of just looking at the pictures in a magazine, who are interested in a work that isn’t awarded, who dance to a DJ’s music set whose number of listeners is not more than a few, who invest in someone for his energy even though they don’t know much about him, who take their girlfriend to a small restaurant that no one talks about, who are interested in something that has happened in the past or might happen in the future, who like what cannot be categorized, who discover a new book from the footnote of the book they are reading and do everything to find it, who suddenly turn and look back when waiting in a queue, who make a search on the designer of a product that caught their eye, who give someone his first job, who listen the album of a musician from its beginning to end, who shoot movies without considering how many would watch, as well as their team who help them, who wander in second-hand booksellers for no reason, who go to a place by themselves that no one suggested, who work without any expectation to be discovered, who become friends with the one that no one wants to be a friend with, who can express their love and admiration to others that are more successful and beautiful, who, in every corner and micro moment of life, understand that what is visible is nourished by the invisible that is not readily seen; just like the ones who realize that an age-old tree can stand only with the help of the nourishment that comes from thousands of roots or recognize that what support a city are not the buildings on the ground, but the interactions of the energy between different people in those buildings, to those who are interested in what’s hidden under the ground more than what’s seen on it,

I send my greetings and my love.