Dinner Party is a delicate issue. If you take a deeper look at it, you will recognize its social, cultural and even political dimension and can easily end up writing an article which analyzes how it is much more than being just a dinner.

Let us only tackle its practical side for now…

The Dinner Diaries, which is considered as a continuation of the Assouline series “Fashion Questionnaire” and “Wine Questionnaire” that were inspired by the famous Proust Questionnaire, is an entertaining source book for any hosts who seek to offer a meaningful experience to their guests and do not want to leave the dinner party conversations to chance.

What should the host consider when selecting the guests? How should the seating arrangement be done? How much detailed should the table setting be? What is the magical harmony of the conversation that will keep the night entertaining and interesting enough? Dinner Diaries answers such questions via a very elegant editorial choice.

The questionnaire, completed with the handwriting of inspiring chefs and businesspeople like Allison Aston, Alex Hitz and Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti has also blank pages specially left for your guests.