It is not easy to make mayonnaise, but it is possible to make it less risky by using small tricks. I will give you some small details while I describe the process. Remember, the key is hidden behind those little details.

Place the egg yolks in a completely dry bowl. You can add a teaspoon of mustard. This can be a real convenience for amateur cooks. Mustard helps to keep the mayonnaise stable. It is important that the bowl is dry because when a water drop touches egg yolk and oil it will make it harder to emulsify the mixture. Use only 250ml oil for each egg yolk. Set your hand mixer to its highest speed and add the oil in the egg yolks really slowly. At this point, it is very important to be slow because the egg yolks need to absorb the oil with the power of fast whisking. Once the mixture has a thickened texture, you may add a very small amount of water just to lighten the color.

You should pour a half lemon’s juice into mayonnaise which starts to gain texture. The lemon juice with the acidic substance it contains will help to destroy the bacteria in the egg yolks.

I know it sounds complicated, but just try it. It is not that difficult. For those who try: Please let me know.