After I started to live in London, I became interested in “High Tea” which is known as an English tradition. I realized that I was impressed more by what I saw than what I ate and tasted. For me, what was different about “Afternoon Tea” were the dishes that were used. It gradually raised my curiosity that the teapots under the influence of different eras were the heroes of different stories and different times.

It was finally my turn to have teapots which I first met in my grandmother’s house when I was little. I bought my first teapot in Portobello among hundreds of others. It was the one that resembles my grandmother’s tea set the most. I didn’t even imagine then, that it would turn in to a collection while I was still in London. For me, it was important that their spouts, handles, and materials are different than each other. While the collection started to be formed searching for and finding different teapots became an exciting adventure.

As a collector who likes reflecting minimal exaggeration in my designs, I have 77 teapots today; and I believe that they all are different than each other, all are special and beautiful. At my last travel to Paris, I could not add the teapot I came across in Clignancourt (le Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen) with a plexiform handle to my collection. However, I kept that
in mind, and I know it waits for me there. I cannot wait to have the number 78.