The things I cook are not as good as yours; after all, it’s your job…

I can list many sentences I heard that are just like the one above. Cooking has difficult and challenging aspects, but it is possible to overcome these obstacles with only some small tips.

For example, I encounter a lot of questions regarding pasta with tomato sauce. Such that the sauce ends up being too sour or too juicy, or the basil in it gets darker quickly… Then, that sentence comes again:

“This doesn’t happen when you cook.”

Sure, the pastas I cook don’t have these problems because there are particular details that I follow.

When you cook the tomato sauce, you need to put a sugar cube in it. This decreases the sourness of the tomato and also balances the taste together with the added salt.

The juiciness of tomato sauce is not necessarily a bad thing. Here, we use the magic powers of butter. When mix the sauce with the pasta, put a few little butter cubes in it; thereby it will become more consistent later. I suggest that the butter is cold and freshly out of the fridge.

The darkening of the basil and similar herbs is almost inevitable but to detain it they need to be added later. Thereby, they don’t get dark because they are exposed to heat for only a short amount of time.

Cooking is not hard. It is possible to cook less complex and more delicious foods with only some small tips.